The Worst Things EMBA Students Say About Their Experiences

complaintDuke University Fuqua School of Business

“I would invest more in the curriculum, some of the teachers were amazing while others really need more experience. More options for additional courses.”

“The program should be directed at mature students. A major revision of the team system is required. Stop using junior/adjunct professors to such a large degree. Don’t grade the soft courses. Listen to the students when they are sending a consistent message. Use more stringent admissions criteria.”

“In the Global Executive MBA program at Duke there are always students especially from South Asian region who undertake the program to significantly boost their career progressions. However, the career service offered to Global EMBA participants is below par, and career center coaches have absolutely no idea of the requirements of executive MBA participants. Duke needs to focus on this significantly and have people in place who understand the aspirations and goals of executive MBA participants.”

“I believe the program can get more from the experience of the students building into the lectures a way for formal sharing of those experiences. The experience sharing is excellent anyway but in some specific subjects it could have been even better and not only from informal interactions.”

“Career management center should design special approaches to promote EMBA students based on their individual needs.”

New York University Stern School of Business

“Provide on-campus hiring opportunities for experienced hires to the EMBA students. Most people are not sponsored anymore by their companies and would really appreciate more support from the school in improving their employment opportunities.”

“The program should provide more depth in one area of specialization. The program cost should be same as any other MBA offered by the university. (It is okay to scale down the services to bring down the cost.)”

“It should be clear that passing a class is not granted just because you are paying good money. Professors should be free to make hard decisions without being questioned by students (unless there is a clear misbehavior).”

“Overall the program was great in every sense, but I never really got the feeling that I was a part of the NYU student body. Class sessions were always in the same building, so I wasn’t exposed to the campus life of NYU or was able to realize everything the school could offer.”

University of Southern California Marshall School of Business

“I would encourage more cold calling, which would lead to increased participation and also make the program a little more academically challenging.”

“There was lack of service from the career center especially when compared to the other MBA programs. More emphasis, services, and events were provided to other MBA programs. The EMBA seemed to be left out.”

“Although the networking events are plentiful, I wish there would have been more opportunities to visit the main campus as part of the curriculum.”

“It would have been nice to have the ability to pick electives, but the theme based approach gave me more applicable content and enriched the learning.”

“Career/recruiting services of USC were more geared to full-time MBAs than EMBAs. I believe this is a question of USC’s focus more than the EMBA program specifically. We were the last class which did not start the program with digital delivery of reading materials as an option. That was addressed in the second year, and digital delivery of materials is now standard for the program going forward.”

“Although it was a work in progress, I prefer digital documents rather than paper binders. Customization instruction based on the dynamic/demographic of the class. I would have enjoy particular themes better if we spent more time on particular subject matters that we either lacked or excelled. All of our classmates have great talents. But in hindsight there were lots of opportunities to tap into my classmates’ mind. I just would like more of it during class time.”

Rutgers University Rutgers Business School

“There is no established program that connects companies to the EMBA graduates. As I am looking for my next career opportunity, I have not received any indication that my EMBA was worth it. It appears that companies are not viewing my EMBA as anything special and has given me no leverage in looking for my next position.”

“They need to improve class schedule so the classes are cohesive. It is difficult to focus on a class subject when the class does not meet for several weeks.”

“The China trip could have been better structured with more emphasis on global market penetration and joint venture material.”

“A few of the professors could have been better. But the school does make changes based on student feedback, rapidly.”

“The program could do more in terms of connecting alumni with recent graduates for networking and career mentoring.”


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