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A Report To Prospective Advertisers


Poets&Quants ended 2013 in an extraordinarily successful way: With the highest monthly uniques and page views in December of 2013: More than 225,000 uniques and some 1.6 million page views, a 68.9% year-over-year increase. The site’s users are largely premium quality applicants to the world’s best business schools. They work at the leading global companies and have undergraduate degrees from the world’s best universities. For the year, traffic was at record highs on both Poets& and

More importantly, the records were achieved through organic growth, without the gimmicks often used by competitors to artificially inflate traffic. No slideshows. No buying of clicks. And no sensational or off-target stories. The result: A loyal audience of followers that is of exceptional quality.

Among the top 20 IP addresses (by numbers of unique users) for incoming traffic are JPMorgan Chase, McKinsey & Co., Bain & Co., Bank of America, Deloitte, Google, Citicorp,, General Electric, PwC, Cisco Systems, Wells Fargo, Intel, and Microsoft. These companies, along with many other major concerns beneath them, are the leading employers of the best prospective MBA students.

The household income of our audience is substantially above Internet averages. The number of visitors to Poets&Quants who have a household income of $150,000 or above is 245% higher than the average on the Internet. The number of visitors to Poets&Quants with a household income of between $100,000 and $150,000 is 169% of the Internet average. See the table below.

The number of people who use Poets&Quants who are in the key age group for a full-time MBA program, 25-to-34, are 155% above the Internet average. See chart below

Some quick facts & figures:

  • Poets&Quants now reaches 72.1% of the market for MBAs and EMBAs in the U.S. and 53.2% of the MBA and EMBA global market.
  • Poets&Quants’ users will spend $1.4 billion of the estimated $1.9 billion in tuition purchasing power for the top 100 MBA programs in the U.S.
  • Leading business schools have used Poets&Quants to reach prospective applicants and get their messages out to core constituents, including the University of Chicago’s Booth School, Wharton, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School, MIT Sloan, UC-Berkeley’s Haas School, the University of Virginia’s Darden School, Babson College, London Business School, IESE Business Scho0l, HEC Paris, and Columbia Business School, among many others.
  • A truly global audience of users from 221 countries, with the U.S. accounting for roughly 55% of our page views.
  • A highly literate audience deeply engaged with the world. Poets&Quants readers are three times more likely than the Internet average to visit sites devoted to the coverage of politics and commentary as well as science and nature. They are twice as likely to frequent news and non-profit websites.
  • An independent survey of applicants last year found that more MBA candidates consulted Poets&Quants’ ranking of the top MBA programs than did Forbes or The Economist–even though Poets&Quants was less than three years old.
  • Major advances in the use of social media to promote Poets&Quants
  • Editor John A. Byrne now has more than 144,000 followers on LinkedIn’s Influencer network, up 469% from 30,691 in 2012. That’s more than Conan O’Brien, Martha Stewart and Michael Bloomberg.
  • Facebook “likes” for Poets&Quants’ page increased 480% to 10,101, from 2,103 in 2012.
  • Twitter followers for Poets&Quants now number 8,551, up from 5,232 in 2012.