Today's Must Reads
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Today's Must Reads


With New Online Certificate, Wharton Ups Its Fintech Investment

'Analytics at Wharton' established by anonymous donation


Can One Online Course Help Your Career?

A new study shows value of HBS brand in online courses


UT Moves Weekend MBA To Uptown Dallas

Will move into The Centrum complex in the fall of 2019


Michigan Recruiting Students For Its New Online MBA

Ross expects to enroll initial cohort of 60

Back of the EnvelopeThe Priciest EMBAs
School Cost
Kellogg $187,290
Wharton $186,900
Columbia $182,280
Chicago $179,000
NYU $177,800
Col/London $172,815
Trium $169,500
Yale $167,000
Berkeley 167,000
Duke $166,000
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