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Michigan State University’s Broad Graduate School of Management

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School Data

Tuition: $75,000 total program cost including tuition and fees

Female: 27%

Male: 73%

Minority: 22%

Average GPA: 3.19

Average GMAT: 567

Average Age: 36

Average GRE (Quant + Verbal): 109

Application Deadlines:
Early Deadline: December 1, 2017 (preferred campus choice guaranteed)
Final Deadline: April 1, 2018

Broad Executive MBA

Learn over the weekend; apply on Monday — that’s the advantage of the Michigan State University Broad Executive MBA. With our weekend format, students are able to turn classroom learning into business progress in a matter of days, sometimes hours. The rigorous and integrated curriculum is designed to sharpen business expertise. In just 20 months, students experience a robust curriculum in a convenient part-time format. The Broad Executive MBA delivers immediate impact, developing talent with the essential knowledge, skills, and insights to lead and grow organizations.

The program actively selects students from diverse educational backgrounds, functional specialties and industries to create a well-rounded education setting that encourages cross-functional learning. Students join a powerful network of exceptional professionals in a program that is intensely challenging but produces life-long rewards.

The face-to-face collaborative classes meet every other weekend on Friday evenings and all-day Saturday. Students begin their program with a weeklong intensive residency and also gain an international perspective with the optional global residency. With campuses in Lansing, Troy, and Detroit Mich., the Broad Executive MBA is an easy commute from anywhere in the Great Lakes region.

Key Outcomes

A decision on the right Executive MBA program often comes down to a simple evaluation of outcomes and investment. Here are a few ways the Broad Executive MBA delivers.

  • 48% Salary growth three years post-grad *
  • 95% of graduates report the program enhanced their ability to advance in their career **
  • 95% of graduates report the program increased job effectiveness **
  • 96% of graduates report improvement in critical thinking skills **
  • 90% of graduates report improvement in leadership skills **
  • 97% of graduates would recommend the program **

*Financial Times Executive MBA 2015 Survey

**Executive MBA Council 2017 Student Survey

Team Building

Broad’s Executive MBA program is all about teamwork. A collabora­tive approach to learning allows students to work in diverse groups of top-notch professionals from a variety of backgrounds. In this setting, students bring their individual strengths to the team and develop skills for accomplishing a significant amount of work, in a tight timeframe with different perspectives adding complexity to the process. The interaction in these teams is often cited by graduates as the single most rewarding aspect of the program. As with business, no important project gets completed by a single person.

Key Facts

  • Format: Friday evening and all-day Saturday classes every other weekend
  • Start Date: August 2018
  • Application Deadlines:
    • Early Deadline: December 1, 2017 (preferred campus choice guaranteed)
    • Final Deadline: April 1, 2018
  • Location: Lansing, Troy and Detroit, Michigan
  • Length of Program: 20 months (including breaks)
  • Degree Awarded: Master of Business Administration from Michigan State University
  • Comprehensive Tuition: $75,000 (class of 2020)

About the Broad Executive MBA Program Class of 2019

  • Class Size: 109
  • Average Years of Work Experience: 13
  • Average Years of Management Experience: 5
  • Average Age: 36
  • Women: 27%
  • Minority: 22%
  • Advanced Degrees: 21%

Contact Information

3535 Forest Road, Ste. D020
East Lansing, MI 48910
Admissions Office:
School Social Media:

Program Format

The Broad Executive MBA is an EMBA that “Works for Work.” Traditional Executive MBAs require extensive time away from the office. That is not the MSU approach. The Broad Executive MBA requires two one-week residencies; one domestic and one international. Both are designed to create value while recognizing our students’ demanding work responsibilities.  It’s an integrated approach that delivers value quickly and efficiently.

Regular classes meet every other Friday evening and Saturday all-day for five semesters. Students select from three Michigan campus options for their weekend courses: East Lansing, Troy, or Detroit.


The Broad Executive MBA’s rigorous curriculum is designed to sharpen business expertise and provide students a competitive edge in their careers. Throughout these dynamic Executive MBA courses, students obtain the essential business knowledge, real-world skills, and insights needed to excel in the workplace and contribute to a company’s bottom line. The Broad Executive MBA’s diverse curriculum includes nearly 30 courses across the following core competencies:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Team Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Management
  • International Business
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Data Analysis


The Broad Executive MBA’s world-class faculty is nothing short of exceptional. Consisting primarily of full-time, tenured Broad College faculty, these first-rate professors are leading experts in their fields, with vast experience in executive development and education. Most are also leading researchers in their fields.

Armed with years of experience, Executive MBA professors offer in-depth knowledge about a wide range of business topics. They specialize in teaching students not only business theory, but also how to apply this education to their unique careers.

The faculty has dedicated their careers to teaching, consulting, and research. And yet those who teach in the Executive MBA program also are masters at leveraging the experiences of the working professionals in the classroom. It’s this dynamic that brings out the best of the teaching and learning...

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