The Worst Things EMBA Students Say About Their Experiences

complaintColumbia Business School

“I would have appreciated a little more time dedicated to helping us figure out what other career paths existed. Many of us were actually looking to switch careers and it didn’t seem like the school was prepared for that.”

“I felt some of the courses I took were not to the caliber I would have expected. I also think the school needs to continue to recruit talented professors from industry. There also could have been more structure around the coursework so that students choose concentrations but don’t have introductory “core” courses on classes that may not interest them. The one improvement or suggestion I have is to create a course to enable students to study for the CFA or other certifications (relevant to their industry) that they could obtain while getting their MBA.”

“I felt that more effort should be made to integrate Executive MBA’s into campus life and into the business school at large. There is still a perception that EMBA’s are very, very different that full-time MBA’s and other Master’s degree students. This is simply untrue. Many more students are pursuing Executive MBAs at a younger age due to the financial crisis.”

“Rather than teaching rudimentary accounting and corporate finance, the program should have taught leadership, ethics, and fostered more robust case discussions on current business topics.”

University of Michigan Ross School of Business

“I would think, we should have more job seminars and campus recruiting. Recruiters come mainly to the full-time day MBA programs and EMBA’s could not be treated likewise as we all have good eight to ten years of senior management experience. I did not get a single campus recruitment and flying from NYC was not an option. Wish they had it during our residency.”

“The one area of improvement is in the formation and management of class teams. Yes, working collaboratively is a learning experience in itself and teams that worked well together truly supported each other. Teams that didn’t work caused too much undue stress in an already intense program. And the team formation, for the most part, seemed to be the luck of the draw.”

“The only recommendations I would make is that they should strengthen the admissions process to filter out any individuals who weren’t at the same caliber as the majority of the class who were elite. Or do more to filter them out during the program.”

“They need to deal with the topic of sustainability. The phrase was not even mentioned in the entire course of the program.”

“I would have liked a more cohesive partnership with career services throughout the program, with more detailed guidance on how to leverage the degree upon graduation (especially for those seeking a career transition).”

“I think one or two electives throughout the 21 month program would benefit the EMBA students.”

IESE Business School

“They could improve the logistics, mainly offering accommodation to students within the campus. Also, they could make the program even more global, with the presence of a module in South America and not having to decide between the module of India or China. I would have liked to do both.”

“I would have preferred less travel. We have been in Shanghai, San Francisco, New York, and Barcelona. It is certainly good to be in these cities, but in some cases it is too intense to travel that much during a strict program. Also the career support is not satisfying. I understand that I am not a junior employee anymore but a few more opportunities and connections to companies could be emphasized.”