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University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business

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School Data

Tuition: $168,500

Female: 28%

Male: 72%

International: 15%

Minority: 22%

Average Age: 38

Average Years Work Experience: 14

Average Class Size: 114

Admissions Requirements: Interview Required

Application Deadlines: Round 1: December 15, 2019; Round 2: February 1, 2020; Round 3: March 15, 2020; Round 4: May 1, 2020

Method of Delivery: Evenings & Weekends, Online or Blended

Metro Areas Served: Chicago, Los Angeles

Michigan Ross is rapidly becoming a name that holds clout akin to many of the traditional big players in business education. The executive MBA is no exception. Ranked fifth on the most recent P&Q Executive MBA rankings, Ross offers programs in two locations – the traditional Ann Arbor campus and at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles. Regardless of location, the general management curriculum focuses on strategy. Both cohorts have scheduled times to interact and network with each other and graduate together in Ann Arbor.

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is what sets Ross apart from many of its competitors. The LDP provides training in leadership competencies, executive skills, and personal awareness. Specifically, skills are developed to lead teams, lead through ambiguity, and lead effectively with integrity. Every student is given peer feedback and coaching from professors based on a personal leadership plan that is established from the beginning of the program.

Ross also provides hands-on, real life training through its Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP). Few other schools provide such a rich and valuable experience – especially at the depth and length of the executive MAP at Ross. Students work on teams with all types of organizations from around the world. Teams can work with large multinational corporations, small businesses, startups, or even nongovernmental organizations. Projects can range from strategic growth strategy to market entry plans to risk assessments.

The Ross alumni network extends into 88 countries with more than 45,000 alums. It is a program that can be adapted to fit nearly any schedule and comes with the renowned faculty the Ross School of Business is infamous for.

Contact Information

701 Tappan Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1234
Admissions Office:
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From Michigan Ross
The Ross MBA for Executives
Our top-10 ranked MBA for Executives is thoughtfully structured to build upon your significant experience and expertise and allow you to ascend to new heights. With your Ross EMBA, you’ll make an immediate impact. You’ll gain the knowledge and insight to lead across units, synthesize diverse viewpoints, and make tough executive decisions. Whether you’re attending the program in Ann Arbor or Los Angeles, you’ll emerge with the practical know-how and broad perspective needed to fulfill your leadership potential and advance in your career – all on a once-a-month schedule designed around your busy life.
Achieve Your Leadership Potential
The Executive MBA Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a comprehensive leadership experience that is integrated across the 21-month program. Building on your existing leadership capabilities, the LDP will help you develop the mindsets and skillsets required to:

  • Lead more effectively in your current role
  • Advance more rapidly in your career
  • Make significant and positive contributions to your organization’s culture and performance

You will learn practical concepts and tools that are immediately applicable to your work and increase your effectiveness as a leader.
The Leadership Development Program weaves together leadership-building courses, skill-building workshops, speaker events, coursework, action-based learning experiences, assessments, and executive coaching throughout your Ross EMBA experience.
Learn more about the LDP >>

Focus on Strategy
Our rigorous curriculum focuses on general management from a strategic perspective. Knowing how to develop and deploy the right strategy is key to establishing your leadership and delivering value to any organization. Whether you’re studying finance, marketing, or operations, the EMBA curriculum emphasizes high-level thinking within each major business discipline and provides you with the tools to turn classroom theory into real-world practice. You will be taught by some of Ross’ most senior faculty members who have won multiple awards and are highly sought-after experts in their fields of study.
High-Stakes and Hands-On
The Executive Multidisciplinary Action Projects (ExecMAP) course is a unique feature of the Ross EMBA and one of the...

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