2015 Best EMBA: Pierre-Marie del Moral

Pierrre-Marie Del Mar

Pierre-Marie del Moral


University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business

USC has been a major part of Pierre-Marie del Moral’s life. He met his wife there. A USC alum helped him land his first job. And he earned a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the school. Now, he can call himself a USC MBA as well. If you had to describe Pierre in a word, it would be “performer.” Academically, he graduated among the top of his class. Professionally, he recently received the Roche Diagnostics Diamond PPC Award in 2014, given to the top performer at this firm. In his spare time, he also mentors and coaches high potentials and alumni from Roche Diagnostics. 

Age: 38

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Family Members: Jennifer Wong (Spouse)

Undergraduate School: Toulouse University (France)

Undergraduate Degree: BS Cell Biology (I also have a MS in Immunology from University of Toulouse and a PhD in Molecular Biology from University of Southern California)

Where are you currently working? Roche Diagnostics, Sequencing Solutions Specialist.

Favorite Courses: Finance, Strategy

Which academic or professional achievements are you most proud of? I am most proud of becoming the recipient of the 2014 Roche Diagnostics Diamond PPC award. This award is granted to the number one performer in the country by achieving the highest revenue performance.

Who would you most want to thank for your success? I would like to thank my amazing wife Jennifer for her support. She took on so many additional responsibilities in order to allow me to perform at work and in school. I could not have done it without her assistance.

Why did you choose this executive MBA program? My wife and I are USC alumni. We both got our first job because of a USC connection so we knew the strength of the Trojan network. Having the ability to continue to leverage this network contributed greatly to my decision to get my EMBA from USC.

The quality of the professors of the USC EMBA program was also a deciding factor. I operate in a company that is in the business of life sciences, so complementing my scientific skills with strong business skills was paramount for my career development at Roche.

Finally, the fact that our cohort would stay together for the entire duration of the program was also important. It allowed me to get to know each of my classmates very well and make them lifelong friends.

What did you enjoy most about the executive MBA program? All of our classmates are working professionals with over seven years of experience. In addition to learning from my professors, I was able to learn from my classmates as they shared their experience and/or point of view on various topics.

What made Pierre-Marie such an invaluable addition to the class of 2015 for your executive MBA program?

“Pierre Del Moral has been a student in our Executive MBA program for the last two years.  Pierre was one of the brightest students in the program.  Further, he always showed a calm competence in all class discussions. You could count on him to see to the root of any issue being considered. The EMBA entails a major class project during the second year of the program. He and his team produced one of the best project reports we have ever seen. Throughout his time in the program, Pierre performed at the top of his class. He is a pleasure to be around.”

– Tim Campbell, Academic Director, EMBA and Professor of Finance


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