IMD Debuts Contest For Free Courses

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IMD, long one of Europe’s best business schools, is launching a novel contest March 11th that will allow users to win free personal development courses at the school in Lausanne, Switzerland.

At the core of the contest is an online platform that took a full year to develop and allows users to create a movie uniquely based on his or her own personal experiences and successes. Called “My Story,” the software program guides users through key phases of their life, tapping into such social media tools as Google Maps, LinkedIn, and Facebook to enhance the story. There’s even a musical soundtrack.

While the initiative is an exercise in “brand engagement,” as the school puts it, “MY STORY” is something like an online tool to create your story line and share it with friends, family and colleagues at work.

“At IMD we usually have a rational approach, but brands are also built on emotion in the minds of consumers,” said IMD President  Dominique Turpin in a statement. “MY STORY is about linking one’s developmental journey with emotions, just like undergoing a learning program sparks emotion.”

By drawing on your past, present and future, MY STORY builds a movie by taking you through three life stages: the curious child, the passionate adolescent and the inspired adult. The experience is enhanced with help from Google Maps, LinkedIn and Facebook, which provide data sharing to personalize each movie. For the integration of these tools, both LinkedIn and Google Maps have already pegged MY STORY to be featured in their “LinkedIn Business Cases” and “Google Maps Showcases.”

In addition to movie creation, MY STORY invites users to share a professional or developmental dream for their future. By publicly sharing a dream in the MY STORY dream gallery,, users will be entered for a chance to win customized personal development sessions at IMD. Based on the thoughtfulness of the dreams submitted, a committee at IMD will select three winners. Prizes include travel to IMD and sessions will take place over six months.

MY STORY is designed to be shared with friends and family and is best experienced by creating a movie from a computer where pictures are stored. IMD does not collect or store any personal data with MY STORY and the platform will only operate from devices that allow for flash.

With the many complex layers of the platform, MY STORY took over a year to produce. Red Steam Multimedia provided the platform code development and graphical and idea creation were implemented by Die Seitenschneider. The overall concept was designed collaboratively with IMD’s marketing and communications team and IT, involving feedback from various IMD Faculty members, the IMD Management Team, Alumni Club Presidents and executives from LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Maps.

The contest runs through June 2.

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