10 Exec Ed Courses For Healthcare Leaders In 2024

The monumental changes taking place in healthcare didn’t start – and certainly didn’t end – with the COVID-19 pandemic. Digitization, AI and machine learning, as well as new and coming regulations surrounding payment, telemedicine, and patient outcomes will continue to upend the industry for years to come.

As an industry, healthcare is dizzyingly complex yet interconnected. Everyone from doctors to pharmacological researchers, from insurance executives to device manufacturers, must adapt to new markets and new models to improve patient care. This requires executives equipped to lead their teams through these changes.

And business schools are responding. Leading B-schools around the country offer a range of executive education courses designed specifically around healthcare’s unique challenges and opportunities. Below, Poets&Quants For Execs reveals 10 such courses you can take in 2024.

1. Strategy for Health Care Delivery

School: Harvard Business School
Duration/dates: Four days, November 4-8, 2024
Format: Live online
Cost: $5,500

This course is designed for C-level administrative and medical leaders in health care delivery organizations; leaders in health insurance firms and government agencies.

Participants from around the world will meet in live virtual sessions to learn about new approaches for achieving high-value, integrated care and restructuring overall care delivery organizations.

Participants earn a certificate upon completion.

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2. Certificate: Executive Healthcare Leadership

School: Cornell University Johnson Graduate School of Business
Duration/dates: Four months, next start date is Feb 14, 2024
Format: Online
Cost: $5,249

This certificate, offered through Cornell University’s eCornell platform, includes six two-week core courses and two electives designed to be taken over the course of four months. Upon completion, students earn the Executive Healthcare Leadership Certificate from Cornell’s Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy and the SC Johnson College of Business. Courses are taught by faculty from these schools and Weill Cornell Medicine.

The course is designed for clinicians and staff transitioning into management and administration, healthcare managers and executives, and hospital board members.

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3. The Innovative Health Care Leader: From Design Thinking to Personal Leadership

School: Stanford Graduate School of Business
Duration/dates: One week beginning June 2, 2024
Format: In Person
Cost: $14,500

Stanford’s famed business and medicine schools combine to offer teach this program on Stanford’s picturesque campus. Global senior-level executives, policy makers, CEOs, COOs, MDs, and healthcare providers will learn how design thinking and leadership can help innovate solutions in healthcare.

Participants will develop deeper insights into the needs of patients, physicians, and other key stakeholders, while building a network of industry peers.

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4. Digital Transformation in Healthcare

School: Columbia Business School
Duration/dates: 9 weeks, March 14-May 23, 2024
Format: Online
Cost: $2,800

From artificial intelligence helping in disease diagnosis to applying data analytics to pharmaceutical supply chains, healthcare is in a constant state of digital transformation.

This online course is a collaboration between Columbia Business School Executive Education in collaboration with the School’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program. It is intended for managers and executives with experience in hospital management, life science innovation, pharmaceutical and device research, health technology, and insurance.

Participants will earn two credits toward a certificate and get select alumni benefits.

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5. Healthcare Management

School: Yale School of Management
Duration/dates: 8 weeks beginning February 14, 2024
Format: Online, 5 to 7 hours per week
Cost: $2,500

Created for healthcare providers and staffers who are considering moving into management and administration, this online course from Yale School of Management Executive Education covers business fundamentals as well as practical healthcare administration. Participants learn operational skills to optimize patient care, manage finances, and enhance operations.

Modules will be released weekly. Dr. Paul Taheri, former CEO of Yale Medicine, is the program convener.

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6. Strategic Healthcare Leadership Program

School: Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Duration/dates: 4 months beginning March 12, 2024
Format: Online, 3 to 5 hours per week
Cost: $4,268

Tap into Johns Hopkins University’s renowned expertise and network in medicine and healthcare in this four-month course for experienced healthcare professionals stepping into leadership roles.

Learn strategic thinking, problem solving, operations management, and budgeting skills that will help you and your organization adapt to an industry that is changing at an unprecedented pace. Participants will learn how to leverage digital innovations and artificial intelligence to change healthcare systems.

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7. Health Care Executive Program (HCEP)

School: UCLA Anderson School of Management
Duration/dates: 15 days over the course of three months, May 22 to July 22, 2024
Format: Hybrid, 8 days live online, 7 days in-person at UCLA
Cost: $3,500

Geared to C-suite and executive level professionals who have recently taken on leadership responsibilities or who will assume such duties in the future. HCEP is offered in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson Health. Participants will engage directly with UCLA’s Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) and use it to improve performance at their own organizations.

HCEP is designed for leaders and organizations that plan to shift organizational strategy. As healthcare providers and organizations face a new environment in care delivery, payment reform, and an emphasis on demonstrating positive health outcomes, organizations face new pressure to adapt to new models. This course highlights the benefits of partnering with other medical entities to help meet new challenges.

Anderson MBAs will serve as strategic consultants, leading small study groups as particpants develop their strategic projects.

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8. Mini-MBA in Healthcare

School: The University of Arizona Eller College of Management
Duration/dates: 12 weeks, open start dates
Format: Online
Cost: $4,995

This online certificate course is offered through a partnership between Eller Executive Education and OpusVi, a healthcare workforce company. The self-paced program is delivered through online lessons by 12 Eller faculty, leading industry experts, and three world-class athletes who will inspire leaders to overcome failure and perform under pressure. They are: two-time Super Bowl champion Max Starks, four-time track and field Olympic medal winner Ato Boldon, and two-time shot put Olympic medal winner John Godina.

Participants will learn economic and business, policy and ethics, and decision making specific to the healthcare industry while sharpening their interpersonal skills.

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9. Health Care Leadership and Management: Leading Through Change

School: University of Pennsylvania The Wharton School
Duration/dates: Five days, April 29-May 3, 2024
Format: In person
Cost: $12,000

This new course, offered by Wharton’s Aresty Institute of Executive Education, claims to offer a deeper understanding of healthcare’s changing landscape paired with business fundamentals and inclusive leadership training.

It is designed for medical clinicians, system leaders, insurance professionals, biopharma executives, device manufacturers and others working in the health space. Participants will examine the relationships between patients and various entities in the health space while learning about the economies, financing, and other issues in delivering efficient and equitable care.

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10. Vanderbilt Healthcare Management Certificate

School: Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management
Duration/dates: 3 months beginning April 1, 2024
Format: Online, self-paced
Cost: $3,795

This certificate program has 16 modules students can work through at their own pace. It was designed to address the supply and demand gap in the healthcare workforce, training clinicians in leadership and management.

Participants will learn from both Owen faculty as well as faculty from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, working practitioners, policy experts, and more. Three optional live sessions to network with faculty, working professionals, and classmates.

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