Becoming A Sustainable Leader In Europe

When it comes to sustainability, Europe is leading the world. Partly, this is because the European Union (EU) has introduced legislation and regulation that pushes ESG issues to the forefront of business thinking. It’s also because European businesses are taking the initiative and setting global standards for balancing profitability and purpose.

So if your organisation is looking to build sustainability into its strategy, people and operations – Europe is the place to go for inspiration. And there’s no better way to gain a uniquely European perspective to sustainable business than with the European Executive MBA from Vlerick Business School


A world apart from traditional executive MBAs

Like all MBAs, Vlerick’s European Executive MBA is designed to give professionals a broad understanding of management across all business functions. But it takes a completely different approach to other leadership courses. Vlerick’s unique programme focuses on European business and European innovation – with sustainability embedded across the entire learning journey.

There are three significant features that set the European Executive MBA apart…


  • A European focus

Vlerick’s home is in Brussels. This places us at the heart of Europe’s decision making – close to government, as well as a host of major international organisations. So when you study at Vlerick, you learn about EU legislation as it happens. You also discover the EU’s pioneering Green Deal – and explore how organisations can lobby and influence the environment they operate within. And throughout, you’re connecting with global businesses and organisations.

And from our Brussels base, we reach out across our vibrant continent to connect with innovative, trailblazing organisations. When you join the European Executive MBA, you don’t just learn about these businesses in a classroom. Instead, we take you to them. As part of your studies, you visit some of Europe’s most innovative cities – including Madrid, Zaragoza, Paris, Copenhagen and Berlin. You immerse yourself in exciting businesses to discover how they’re impacting people, planet and profit. And while you’re doing this, you’ll learn how every business function – from HR and finance to marketing – operates, and has a role to play in building a sustainable business.

These diverse, immersive experiences give you valuable, first-hand perspectives on sustainability and best practice in business.


  • Sustainability

Sustainability doesn’t just impact one part of a business. It impacts everything. Which is why we’ve embedded sustainability throughout the European Executive MBA. Because at Vlerick, we know that to make a real, lasting impact, organisations need to understand that sustainability is the starting point for all business activity.

So we view every business area through a sustainability lens. For example, we examine innovative HR approaches from a sustainability perspective. We dive into sustainable finance. And we consider sustainability as a core element of strategy. This gives participants a comprehensive overview of where organisations need to focus their efforts to get maximum value from their sustainability approaches. 


  • Truly flexible learning 

Ambitious professionals have many demands on their time. Which is why we’ve designed the European Executive MBA to be highly flexible.

There are six modules which take place over three calendar years. Participants learn through a variety of formats – including online, face-to-face and country-specific sessions. This efficient approach gives our participants the opportunity to combine the programme with a full-time executive career – without needing to take time out of their organisations to study.


Gain a 360 view of what true sustainability looks like

None of us has the luxury of simply dipping our toes into sustainability – or studying it as an optional extra. We now all have a duty to embrace sustainable business practice – and understand how to harness its power to do good for societies as well as for business.


The European Executive MBA gives you the whole picture. By studying sustainability in its entirety – across all business areas and in one of the world’s most important sustainability hubs – you gain a comprehensive understanding of this vitally important subject and what it means to businesses in all sectors and geographies. 

Discover more

If you’d like to learn more about Vlerick’s European Executive MBA, take a look at the website, or get in touch for more information. We can’t wait to welcome you.

About the author

Bjorn Cumps is Professor of Management Practice in Financial Services Innovation and Fintech at Vlerick Business School. He is also Director of the European Executive MBA programme.

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