Best Advice From The Top Executive MBAs

Ashley Sager, MIT

Ashley Sager, MIT

Make Sure The School Is The Right Fit

“Ensure you find a program that fits your goals. Every program has its own feel, culture, and focus. MIT’s program is focused on innovation and thinking differently. It also creates a great camaraderie among the class from orientation through your last semester. The focus on innovation and learning from your peers is what drew me to MIT. Also, ensure your family is 100% on-board. The program is time-consuming, from the time spent at school to the hours dedicated to homework every week. It’s very important to prepare your family for the time commitment.” – Ashley Sager / MIT Sloan School of Management

“An MBA is an important step from both a financial and a time commitment point of view. Choose the right program that will provide you with the skill set that will allow you to thrive professionally. Once there, use all the resources available to you to the maximum. It is your training ground with many real-life cases. You are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. Think of it as a way to refresh your career and a gift to yourself (a very generous one!).” – Dulce Altabella Lazzi / IE Business School

“Conduct research on the program/University, attend info sessions, talk to current and former students, and sit in a class if at all possible. Taking all of these steps will equip you to make an informed decision and get you prepared on what to expect.” – Kevin M. Smith / Georgia Institute of Technology Scheller College of Business

New  York University's Shanise Anderson

New York University’s Shanise Anderson

Embrace Differences

“Surround yourself with people who are different than you, smarter than you, challenge you, and inspire you, and don’t be afraid to ask questions . . . lots and lots of questions. Ultimately, enjoy the process and push yourself outside of your comfort zone!” – Shanise R. Anderson / New York University Stern School of Business

Just Jump In And Commit

“Just do it! If you are wondering about the value, and questioning the statements made on the websites about ROI, I am here to tell you that the value is real and the return will come more quickly than you can imagine. Not only from the education you are getting and the degree behind your name, but because of how it changes YOU. Your thinking and confidence will change quickly as you go through the program. Your desires for new roles and adventures will become common thought and discussions with your cohort. And before you know it, you will be stepping out and pursuing new careers or new roles in your company that you may never have had the opportunity or inkling to pursue. It is extremely hard work, but so worth the effort.”  – Stacey Mueller / Purdue University Krannert School of Management

“Take care in making your decision and make sure you are prepared for both the experience and workload. And once you decide to do it, as with anything worth doing, make sure you fully commit to it. It sounds cliché, but you will truly get out of it what you put into it.” Jonathan D. Tenenbaum / University of Florida Hough Graduate School of Business

Stay Focused

“Congratulations on the application process. You must prepare yourself mentally, stay organized, and manage your time wisely. You will be challenged numerous times; however, you must stay focused and be determined. It will all pay off, and you will be so glad you did it.” – Freddie Barela / Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business

“Do as much of the pre-reading and work before each residency so that you can maximize the residency experience and so that you are not playing catch-up throughout each term.” – Peter B. Saba / Duke University Fuqua School of Business

Shanmei Yu

Shanmei Yu, ESADE

Have a Good Time

“Although the executive MBA is a hard battle, you can still have some fun with it. Enjoy it. Don’t let homework overload ruin your spirit. When you look back, everything you experienced during the program will become a treasure for your life.” – Shanmei Yu / ESADE

Lean On Your Classmates

“Your teammates at school are facing similar challenges; you can help each other manage by shifting school projects between yourselves to make room for more urgent personal and professional responsibilities.” Karl Blunden / Columbia Business School

“Marvel at those that compliment you, and embrace it when you don’t have the answer. If you approach the program with abandon you will thrive. Everyone there is just as nervous as you are and they all have expertise to share. No one person has all the gifts.” – Gregory Fortner / University of Michigan Ross School of Business 





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