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Yeshiva University Syms School of Business Executive MBA

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500 W. 185th St.
New York, N.Y.
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School Data

Tuition: $78,000

Admissions Requirements: Interview Required

Application Deadlines: 3/31/2020 & 7/31/2020

Metro Areas Served: New York City

Among New York City’s Executive MBA options, Yeshiva University’s program is one of the least expensive, sporting a price tag of just $79,341. Only one other New York area program is cheaper: Pace University’s $78,000 EMBA.

It’s also a full two-year program, with a pair of summer residencies, at the school’s Manhattan campus in Washington Heights at 500 W. 185th St. It’s also the only program that is offered on Sundays to allow Jewish students to observe Shabbat on Friday nights and Saturday.

EMBA program emphasizes three themes–entrepreneurship, leadership and ethics–that are integrated throughout a tight curriculum with no electives and no concentrations.

After a brief summer orientation, students begin the program in the fall with a series of three courses on business basics plus the start of a lecture series: The Foundations of Business, Assessment of Business Factors, and Financial Reporting & Analysis. Also kicking off is Entrepreneurship in a Digital World Forum, the latter a series featuring guest lectures by executives and entrepreneurs held one weekday evening a month over the course of the two years. In the spring semester, there’s another three courses for EMBA students: Entrepreneurship and the Management of Change, Business Law, Regulation and Ethics, and Managerial Economics.

The summer sbrings EMBA students to Israel to study the country’s startup culture. During the ten-day residency, students work in teams to discover the secrets behind this start-up nation technological success. Lectures, from top Israeli business and technology professors, are given, followed by an on ground visits to Israeli most successful companies. By the end of the workshop students are expected to have a good grasp of what it takes to be a leader of innovation, and the strategic ways to get there.

In year two, the fall starts nitty-gritty material including courses on Financial Management, Marketing Management, Managerial Accounting, and a one-credit course on Decision Models that provides students with a deep dive into mathematical modeling. And then the final semester has EMBA students studying Corporate Finance, Marketing and Social Media, and Business Strategy.

Yeshiva then wraps up the program with a five-day summer residency in New York organized around innovation. During the seven-day workshop, students learn about the business models that can help them take a product or a business to the next level. Specific tools of creativity are taught and applied, followed by a series of visits to innovative start-ups from the New York area. The workshop ends with students creating their own business ideas and providing a business plan to go along with it.

Yeshiva’s EMBA is unranked and the business school does not offer a traditional two-year MBA option.