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Invited MBA

Contact our general manager with any questions. Profile updated: January 12, 2023.

Contact Information

201 W 5th Street
Austin, Texas 78701
Admissions Office:
1 512-593-8726

School Data

Tuition: $1,850

Acceptance Rate: 96%

Average Class Size: 300

International: 13%

Female: 67%

Male: 33%

Application Deadlines: Spring 2023 Deadline: February 23, 2023 | Fall 2023 Deadline: August 17, 2023

The Invited MBA increases accessibility for rising leaders looking to level up their careers without the time or financial commitment of a traditional, two-year MBA program. Named a top MBA Program by The Austin Business Journal, the Invited MBA utilizes powerful social learning and cohort-based experiences to transform traditional business education into an interactive, hands-on experience – for less than $2,000.

The creators of the Invited MBA at Abilitie, an industry-leading leadership development firm, know business education. Having worked with top Fortune 500 companies to develop their future executives and high-potential talent since the early 2000s, the team behind the Invited MBA believes that a quality business education should be accessible to everyone. They also believe that you don’t need $100,000 or a 2-year degree to succeed in business. For individuals looking to level up their business skills without committing the time or financial investment of a two-year degree, the Invited MBA is a perfect place to get hands-on experience.

The 12-week, fully virtual program has been offered in the spring and fall since 2019. Now with over 1,500 alumni, the Invited MBA continues to push the envelope. The Invited MBA’s new, 24-hour “open campus” utilizes virtual, social learning to give students agency to determine who, how, and when they interact with others. The Invited MBA is leading the way by integrating metaverse technology into business education. Participants create avatars and speak one-on-one with other students, create study groups, and customize their own preferred learning environment.

In the curriculum, students can expect to experience Harvard Business School case studies and interactive study groups, business, management, and leadership simulations, and networking opportunities with rising leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Graduates of the Invited MBA consistently report that they are more confident in their careers, more competent at work, and clearer on their next steps after graduating from the program. Since its inception in 2019, program graduates have made career transitions, earned promotions, and entered new fields. Over 60% of graduates made a desired career change within 2 years of completing the program, and alumni report that the focus of the Invited MBA on learning through experiential learning prepared them for future challenges and gave them the confidence they needed to take risks and reach higher in their careers.