Sustainable, Profitable Business. It’s The European Way…

The world is looking to businesses to halt climate change. Right now, organisations across the globe are seeking new ways of working that strike a balance between positive impact and profit. And the individuals within them are seeking ways to enhance their sustainability competencies.

In response, Vlerick Business School has created the European Executive MBA. It’s driven by a uniquely European perspective – which positions sustainability at the core of strategy as a fundamental business skill and approach.

Europe is leading the way in sustainable business. From EU legislation and regulation, through to the explosion in European sustainable innovation, the continent is set to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Here at Vlerick, we’ve harnessed this thinking, innovation and energy in our new European Executive MBA. It provides a unique experience, and develops leaders allows organisations to who can leverage and implement innovative, actionable approaches that blend sustainability and profitability.

Europe’s passion for sustainability

At January’s World Economic Forum, President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, clearly set out Europe’s position as the front-runner in sustainability. She told decision-makers from across the globe: “We stand before the biggest industrial transformation of our time.” 

And Europe is facing this transformation with resolve and optimism. On the government side, the Green Deal Industrial Plan is set to make Europe the home of clean tech and carbon neutrality. At the same time, a spirit of innovation and purpose is inspiring European companies to create and adapt new, sustainable business practices. 

Europe is at the forefront of sustainable business. And Vlerick is here at the heart of it, in Brussels

Be at the heart of the action

A stone’s throw from EU headquarters and institutions – as well as international companies and organisations – Vlerick’s campus is an inspiring place to learn. The sustainability transformation is happening on our doorstep – and it’s built into every element of our European Executive MBA programme.

Based in Brussels, we’re at the centre of the EU’s journey towards net zero. And from this inspirational centre, we take participants to some of our continent’s most forward-thinking cities. These include Copenhagen, Zaragoza, Madrid, Dublin and Paris. In each of these hubs, Vlerick students business leaders immerse themselves in organisations that are driving the sustainability agenda. And at the same time, they’re learning from leading academic experts – and putting their new, sustainable approaches into action on consulting projects.

Being part of the clean-tech economy

In her closing remarks in Davos, von der Leyen said the story of the clean-tech economy would be written in Europe. 

She said: “I believe if Europe gets it right, the story of the clean-tech economy can be one of creative construction – with the right support and incentives for companies to innovate; with the right focus on skills and people; with the right environment to make the most of our world-leading innovation capacity.”

These words further emphasize the crucial role Europe has to play in the fight for sustainability – and why Brussels and Vlerick are the ideal starting point for companies and individuals who want to be part of the solution.

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About the author

Marion Debruyne is the Dean of Vlerick Business School. Her background is in engineering and marketing – and her academic research focuses on the challenges companies face as they deal with fundamental industry shifts. 

Outside her academic work, Marion is an independent director on several boards. She’s based in Brussels.

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