Harvard Doing Six Exec Ed Courses in China

Harvard Business School today (Nov. 17) said it will bring a half dozen Executive Education programs to China for 2012, including several of its most popular exec ed courses. The offerings include Driving Corporate Performance, Agribusiness Seminar, Designing and Executing Strategy and Growing a Professional Service Firm. The 2012 portfolio also includes two extended leadership development sessions: the Global CEO Program and Senior Executive Program.

HBS said it will present the 2012 China portfolio in partnership with prestigious Chinese learning institutions including The School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University; Guanghua School of Management, Peking University; School of Management, Fudan University; and China Europe International Business School.

“Now is a particularly exciting time for industry growth and expansion in China and we’re thrilled to be working with senior executives throughout Asia as they develop strategies for growth,” said David Yoffie, Senior Associate Dean and Chair of Executive Education at HBS, in a statement. “Along with our academic partners, we’re looking forward to equipping business leaders with best practices while gaining valuable insight from Asia’s leading companies and executives.”

Driving Corporate Performance – China, presented in partnership with the Guanghua School of Management, will take place January 8-11, 2012 with a price tag of $8,000. This course will lead senior financial executives through the financial and non-financial control measures that allow businesses to achieve breakthrough performance in changing economic environments. World-renowned HBS faculty will work with participants to harness and apply powerful risk management, cost management and strategy implementation approaches in order drive optimal business alignment and growth.

Constructing and delivering management systems is an increasingly necessary component in determining success and failure in a global economy,” said Dennis W. Campbell, Associate Professor of Business Administration and Marvin Bower Fellow. “In order to create and implement a successful strategy, today’s business leaders must support a company’s mission in terms of financial incentives, management control and organizational behavior.”

The Global CEO Program for China was founded in conjunction with the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), and IESE Business School (IESE) and will be taught in three modules with the first module beginning on March 25, 2012. Harvard is charging 450,000 Chinese Yuan, or roughly $71,000, for the course. Ideal for experienced and successful Chinese CEOs looking to gain a strong position within the global market, the program will immerse executives in a rich leadership development experience over the course of three, one-week modules in Shanghai, Barcelona and Boston.

“Shanghai, Barcelona and Boston present three diverse business environments, the experiences in each of the three modules will challenge participants to look at the larger global trends at work and learn how to take advantage of them,” said Krishna G. Palepu, Ross Graham Walker Professor of Business Administration. “Global CEO Program for China is a great opportunity for executives to step back from daily business management demands and identify new organizational strategies for long-term success.”

Agribusiness Seminar – An Asian Offering will take place June 3-6, 2012. For more than 50 years, the $7,000 Agribusiness Seminar has been a marquee program for HBS Executive Education in Boston and is being offered in Shanghai for the second time. Led by renowned HBS research and faculty, this forward-looking seminar will educate agribusiness leaders on the geographic and industry factors currently impacting producers and suppliers of agricultural goods. The program will present new insights on the future of agribusiness focusing on the global demands and environmental issues that will continue to challenge and reshape the industry.

“The seminar in Shanghai provides the opportunity for agribusiness leaders from around the world to gain broader perspective of the factors at work in the global food industry, and facilitates the networking and discussion needed to address these factors,” said David E. Bell, HBS George M. Moffett Professor of Agriculture and Business and Faculty Chair of Agribusiness Seminar – An Asian Offering. “It’s imperative that agribusiness leaders gain a holistic perspective of the economic, governmental and social concerns facing their industry so they’re able to keep ahead of ever-increasing consumer demands.”

Designing and Executing Strategy – China, presented in conjunction with the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University will be held June 11-15, 2012 and cost $8,750. Aimed at established business leaders in Asia, or global business leaders looking to expand in to the Asian market, Designing and Executing Strategy – China will work with participants from a variety of industries to identify unique competitive advantages, forecast industry change and align their businesses for long-term, sustainable growth.

“The program will help executives assess and reposition their strategies and their alignment in the face of change by teaching them how to better predict the changes in their industry and the behavior of their competitors,” said Stephen P. Bradley, Professor of Business Administration and Faculty Chair of Designing and Executing Strategy – China. “By examining real-world examples from established companies of strategic success and failure, Designing and Executive Strategy – China provides the opportunity for leaders to better understand what drives or inhibits strategic global growth.”

HBS is also partnering with Fudan University’s School of Management to present Growing a Professional Service Firm – China, taking place June 26-30, 2012. Through this $7,500 program, executives from a wide cross-section of service industries will focus on honing skills for operating and successfully expanding a service firm in China or in the global market.

“No matter your industry’s focus, certain strengths in the professional services arena are invaluable,” said Robert G. Eccles, Professor of Management Practice and Faculty Chair of Growing a Professional Service Firm – China. “Growing a Professional Service Firm – China teaches these essential strengths—from attracting and retaining talent, to sustaining positive, long-term client relations and delivering service excellence. The course enriches executives in professional services firms by enabling them to strike the much needed balance between leadership duties, and day-to-day service delivery and business development.”

Finally, the Senior Executive Program for China will begin in August 2012 and will be taught over the course of three, one-week modules hosted in Beijing, Shanghai, and Boston: Understanding and Managing Key Functional Areas; Competing Successfully in China and the Global Economy and Leadership, Values, Organization and Governance. The full program will span a broad range of business topics, which will help executives lead effectively and understand the growing Chinese market. Harvard has not yet posted a price for this program on its website.

“The Senior Executive Program for China takes a holistic approach to leadership development. Covering everything from brand building and strategic decision making to improved skills in negotiating and managing innovation, the program allows senior executives to form a cohesive skill set that is applicable in China and the global economy,” said Felix Oberholzer-Gee, Andreas Andresen Professor of Business Administration and Faculty Cochair of Senior Executive Program for China. “We’re very happy to be able to work with executives working in the Chinese market to encourage further business development in Asia and around the world.”

All courses in the 2012 China portfolio will be offered in a Chinese-English bilingual format and will replicate the world-renowned HBS learning experience with classes taught by members of the School’s senior faculty using the HBS case method to guide participants through research and best practices. Through dynamic discussion, real-world interaction and partnerships with leading Chinese universities, the 2012 China portfolio will continue school’s long history of providing world class education and fresh perspectives for executives seeking to grow their business on a global scale.


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