How To Get Into An Elite EMBA Program

Paul Bodine

Paul Bodine

You probably thought you were done with school. But a decade (or two) after you tossed your cap and uncorked the Champagne, you’re thinking about heading back. And it won’t be easy.

Since graduation, you settled down. Now, people depend on you. And there are precious few blocks free on your schedule. At work, you can see the writing on the wall – if you haven’t run smack into it. What got you here won’t take you any further. In fact, you risk losing your hard-fought gains and being passed by if you don’t act. And that means shouldering another responsibility: An Executive MBA.

EMBA programs attract a variety of students, from CEOs-in-training to career changers. They slog through evening and weekend classes, while running multi-million dollar initiatives and keeping their five-year-old smiling. No, an EMBA isn’t just a hefty financial investment, it is a life-altering commitment.

So is it worth it? That depends on your aspirations. After graduation, you’ll have to ask yourself two questions. First, did it help me land the role I coveted? Second – and more important – did it provide the tools – a deep network, exposure to key business scenarios, and an updated and rounded-out skillset – for me to excel in this role? Often, the answers to these questions are rooted in the business program you choose.Paul Bodine book

Enter Paul S. Bodine.

Since 1997, Bodine has been helping MBA candidates earn acceptances to elite programs like Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg, Tuck, INSEAD, Haas, and Fuqua. The author of Great Applications for Business School and proprietor of Paul Bodine Consulting, Bodine has been helping Poets&Quants readers with identifying the best EMBA fits and increasing their chances of being accepted. Now, we’re featuring his best advice to readers over the past three years. From identifying the best EMBA programs for entrepreneurs to showing what it takes to get into Wharton, you’ll find plenty of wisdom and inspiration for deciding which (or even if an) EMBA program works for you.

Check out his advice below.

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