The Best Boston Metro Executive MBA Programs


Babson College$77,000March21Thursday-Saturdays every seven weeks in Wellesley and San Francisco, with web sessionsNo
Bentley College$58,596AnytimeNACan take courses online or on-campusNo
Boston University$91,500January18Alternating Friday-Saturdays, with four residential weeksNo
Cornell-Queen’s$106,890July16Three Saturdays per month via videoconferencing, with three 7-to-15-day residential sessionsNo
MIT Sloan$141,000October2026 weekend sessions, with four week-long, on-campus modulesNo
Northeastern University$85,500January16One day weekly on alternating Friday and Saturdays, with 3 week-long residenciesNo
Suffolk University$82,569September22Classes meet every weekendNo

Source: School websites


SchoolAgeSalaryWork Exp.(months)Adv.DegreeIntlFemale
Babson College32NA96NA10%20%
Boston University38$175,48418424%3%12%
MIT Sloan39NA20440%39%25%
Northeastern University36NA156NA7%43%
Suffolk University40$114,00021619%26%36%

 Source: School websites    * Financial Times estimate of salary within three years of graduation

  • InterestedParty


    Great survey of Boston area programs!  I think this is a great way to capture the local market for educational options.  As a Boston area resident, and soon to be participant in the Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA Program, I wanted to point out that the Cornell-Queen’s EMBA Program, with its Salem, NH location (about or a little less than an hour from most of metro Boston) actually is the highest ranked EMBA Program in the Metro area.  Boston, as you have portrayed has some terrific options for those interested…Thanks!

  • Mat

    Hi John, Thanks for your survey. However, you are missing to mention the IE Business School & Brown University Executive MBA! Best, Mat

    • John A. Byrne


      Thanks for pointing that out. I completely forgot about the partnership even though we have written about it here in some depth. Will fix shortly.

      • Jim

        Great article.  Do you have any survey on NY Metro EMBA programs?  (Fordham, Cornell, Rutgers, NYU, Columbia, Baruch)

  • Ramon

    HBS has its own “Executive MBA” it really is a top program- has a different name so it doesn’t cannibalize its “MBA” program:

  • Vijay

    As a current participant in the Cornell-Queens program (from
    Austin, Texas), I would like to point out some common misconceptions regarding
    the format. Yes, the program is via video conferencing but I see no difference
    between the real class environment and our videoconferencing based classes. In
    fact, when we have our residency based classes in Ithaca, I miss our board room
    environment where I can refine my thoughts and questions before taking up the
    time of the entire class. The best thing about the program is access to the faculty
    and the program administrators; I practically have all my Professors plus the
    program administrators in my speed dial. 

    • Jim

      Can you comment on the 2 week sessions at take place in Ithaca and Canada? What takes place at those sessions and how are they run? 
      My concern is that I won’t be able to make relationships as well in the CQEMBA because we don’t get regular face time as a whole class. 


  • Kristin Polito

     Dear John, I appreciate your mention of the Suffolk Executive MBA Program as the program comprised of the most experienced and oldest managers who are enrolled in our program.  The Executive MBA Program is also the oldest program in New England, dating back to 1975, and was the first Executive MBA program in New England that did not require the GMAT, since we attract many seasoned managers and professionals.  I am curious as to why we were not included as part of your other EMBA programs listed above?  In the past, we have been highly ranked in the Financial Times as one of the Top 100 Executive MBA programs globally.  In addition, we hold a trusteeship on the board of the Executive MBA Council, which is a consortium of Executive MBA programs both domestically and globally.  I hope that you will take this into account in the future.  Best wishes, Kristin Polito, Director, Suffolk University Executive MBA Program

    • JohnAByrne

      Thanks for weighing in. Suffolk is in the accompanying tables that follow the first page which, to my mind, is the most important place to be since that is where we are trying to be comprehensive about the EMBA choices in any given metro market.

  • Michael

    I would not consider Babson’s Part Time program or “Fast Track” MBA as an Executive program at all. As a current Fast Track student, they allow students as soon as a few years out of college. So if you are looking for a program that has experienced professionals across the board in your program, I do not recommend Babson’s program.

  • Snoop

    Where is UMass Boston on this list? A major omission.