The Favorite Professors Of Executive MBAs

Simona Botti

Simona Botti – Brand Management was one of the modules I was most looking forward to and, thanks to Simona, it still exceeded expectations. She is a very passionate lecturer who knows her subject inside out, can engage the class in every session, and combines an excellent framework with insightful cases and impressive guest speakers.”

Blair Wood, London Business School

“I really enjoyed learning from Ori Heffetz, our macroeconomics professor. He is this world-renowned economist who advises heads of state and writes research papers and textbooks on a variety of economics topics, yet was down-to-earth enough to teach us these complex ideas in a manner that was fun, engaging, and easy to incorporate into our lives. He was great at translating the foreign language of the world of economics for us.”

Ronnie I. Mimran, Cornell University (Johnson)

Professor Daniel Brooks – Statistics for Managers. “Stats” was one of the courses for which I had few expectations. I was surprised that Professor Brooks was able to turn each minute of his sessions into a splendid learning moment, connecting world news, personal & professional stories with the “dry” content planned for this class, making statistics a fascinating topic and an additional tool every executive should include in his kit.”

Pablo Bouvier, Arizona State (W. P. Carey)

“It has to be Simon Learmount. From our first day on the course, he led an exercise where, in less than two hours, we’d learned all our fellow participants’ names – it had to be seen to be believed. During the induction week, he facilitated us really getting to know one other through an infamous “Red/blue” game – unforgettable for anyone who takes part. Later on in the Programme, he facilitated our Team Consulting Project which was quite simply unforgettable and my highlight of the Programme. I later found out that he established the Programme at Judge, as the original Programme Director…and you can tell how passionate he is about it.”

Tom Martin, University of Cambridge (Judge)

Ayalla Ruvio

Dr. Ayalla Ruvio – As an engineer, I have never paid attention to marketing. She broke it down in very simple terms yet maintained how important it is to any business, regardless of industry or type of product line. As an assignment, we had to pick a business (not our own) and create a new, very detailed marketing plan on how we would propose solving a business need. It tied every concept covered in the class together and the project ran the entire class length, so it continually reinforced concepts that we were learning.”

Kyle Krause, Michigan State (Broad)

“My favorite professor is Economics professor, Matt Higgins. Although we did not always agree during class discussions and possess very different personalities, he had the ability to make class discussions interactive and enjoyable. He related class lectures to current events in such a way that I nearly forgot I was giving up four hours on a Friday evening to sit in class. I have had several conversations with various individuals since his class and am amazed at how much I retained and able to speak to.”

Maureen Portee, Georgia Tech (Scheller)

“IESE has a state-of-the-art faculty, making it difficult to choose. A special mention goes to Santiago Alvarez Mon, whose class, Managing Oneself, was deep and moved each one of us. It was not the typical MBA class on finance or business models. It was more about the biggest project you have to design: your own life. His simple way of conveying a deep message to a very diverse group, making us reflect and connect with our mission in life was perfect.”

Cecilia Ines Gonzalez, IESE Business School

Goutam Challagalla

Goutam Challagalla, our Marketing Professor. This man does not just teach, he literally lives his classes with mind, body and soul. Like in a marketing concept: he is an experience, he is a journey.”

Gautier Porot, IMD

Dr. Progyan Basu taught our accounting classes and memorably guided our trip to India. He made it seem as though we all were an extended part of his family. Dr. Basu helped deepen the experience in a way that reflected the fact he arranged visits to places that some of my friends from India have yet to experience, and provided for me to bring back an heirloom that reminded my Mom of her Indian heritage.”

Maurice Andrew Malcolm, University of Maryland (Smith)

Gautam Kaul, Professor of Finance, who taught Global Finance. Even though the class was a relatively short elective, Gautam was incredibly engaging, humorous, and an excellent teacher. There’s no wonder over a million students have taken his valuation course on Coursera.”

Jason Woon, University of Michigan (Ross)


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