Applications To EMBA Programs Down

Part-time MBA programs in Europe fared better than their U.S. counterparts in application volumes for 2013. A majority of European part-time MBA programs (61%) report increasing or stable application volumes compared with 2012. In the United States, 42% of part-time MBA programs reported increased or steady application volume in 2013 compared with 60% of programs last year.

Although the proportion of European and U.S. executive MBA programs that reported increasing applications was similar, more European programs reported declining volume in comparison with the US programs. Fewer applications from men and domestic candidates seem to account for the waning overall volume among executive MBA programs in both regions.

Online MBA programs in the United States, GMAC said, experienced a balanced share of programs that saw growth and declines in application volume in 2013, while 14% reported the same volume as last year. GMAC said that more so than for other reporting groups, caution should be exercised when interpreting findings for online programs due to limited school survey participation.

Percentage of Professional MBA Programs Reporting Change in Application Volume 

Source: GMAC 2013 Application Trends Survey

Source: GMAC 2013 Application Trends Survey

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