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IE Brown Executive MBA

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The IE Brown Executive MBA is innovating the EMBA experience by combining management with a liberal arts education. IE Business School and Brown University have combined to offer a 15-month-long program that includes face-to-face classroom time as well as online learning. The degree includes a marriage of leadership development within the context of understanding how the world is shaped by business and leadership style.

IE Business school was founded in 1973 and has consistently ranked amongst the best business schools in the world. It is a school with a deep tradition in producing innovative and entrepreneurial-minded graduates. The school prepares business leaders by practice-oriented training and an incorporation of humanities in business education.

Brown University, located in Providence, Rhode Island, is a member of the  American “Ivy League.” Its superlative programs in undergraduate, graduate, and medical education are characterized by a distinctive academic philosophy, a world-class faculty, and a tradition of innovative and rigorous multidisciplinary study. Brown University’s mission is to educate students to better serve the community, nation, and the world.

The program is designed to give managers with extensive experience tools and concepts infused with a human science perspective to develop global business leadership skills. It includes six and a half weeks of face-to-face education which are broken down into five sessions at IE Business School in Madrid, Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and Cape Town, South Africa.

Students participating in the program should expect to gain education and experience on how to be entrepreneurially-minded, globally aware and inquisitive, morally grounded, authentic, and flexible.

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The IE Brown Executive MBA

A Joint Degree Program: Two World-Class Institutions, One Unique Experience in Management Education

IE Business School and Brown University have joined forces to offer a unique program that goes beyond the boundaries of the traditional MBA. Combining the IE Business School’s strength in interdisciplinary management education and Brown University’s excellence in the humanities, social, biological and physical sciences, the two schools have created the IE Brown Executive MBA to develop informed, globally-minded, and innovative leaders.

The program provides senior managers with the opportunity to develop and broaden their management and leadership skills in an intensive, international environment. The program brings together faculty from the IE and Brown, integrating leading management thinking with wider perspectives from the humanities, social sciences, engineering, and life sciences.

Delivered over 15 months and utilizing a blended methodology of face-to-face and online modules, the IE Brown Executive MBA allows busy executives to remain on the job, while developing cutting edge management techniques and a deeper knowledge of the global business environment.

Interested in speaking with a program representative or learning about upcoming events? Complete the inquiry form. Learn more about the IE Brown Executive MBA program at www.iebrown.com or view the program brochure.

Program Facts

Profile: A minimum of 3 years in a management position. Student experience averages 14 years.

Format: Blended Format: Online learning combined with five face-to-face sessions

Language: English

Program starts: March

Duration: 15 months

Locations: Madrid, Cape Town, Providence and Online

URL: www.iebrown.com

The IE Brown Advantage

The IE Brown Executive MBA is designed to challenge participant to go beyond conventional thinking and to develop a more holistic view of the world. Identifying and creating opportunities is at the heart of the IE Brown Executive MBA, recognizing and emphasizing the critical importance of context and environment on the development of business opportunities.

This program brings together faculty from two leading academic institutions, moving beyond a traditional business education, to consider strategic business priorities through the multiple lenses of the humanities, social sciences, engineering and art.


This unique joint degree program brings together a set of courses and practical learning experiences that create a different kind of EMBA graduate equipped with the skills, vision and agility to navigate complex decisions within both business and society.

The essential elements of the curriculum integrate three disciplines that lead to the development of the reflective leader, combining IE’s innovative approach to management education and Brown’s legacy in the humanities and social sciences, complemented by experiential components that emphasize entrepreneurial action.

By leveraging a truly multidisciplinary approach, strategic management skills are honed alongside five components within the human sciences. Equal attention is placed on the necessary abilities to drive business growth and innovate in the corporate and entrepreneurial landscapes as it is on increasing knowledge, perspectives, and the qualitative, analytical and interpretive tools for understanding our complex world.

Blended Learning Format

Given the program’s blended nature, participants are able to stay engaged with the program regardless of their geographic location, travel schedules and work commitments.

Blended learning requires that courses commence face-to-face. After the opportunity to interact in the classroom, professors and students transition to a period of online learning, reuniting in person during the various face-to-face periods along the way.

This remarkable format fosters strong connections between the students, helping them to build a tight-knit community that spans the globe. The ability to apply new ideas, concepts and tools in real time means that executives embed knowledge throughout the program, contributing to a deeper learning experience.