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IE Brown

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200 Dyer Street Box T
Providence, Rhode Island 02912
Admissions Office:

School Data

Tuition: $130,000

Average Class Size: 30

Average Age: 37

Female: 30%

Male: 70%

Application Deadlines:

The IE Brown Executive MBA is innovating the EMBA experience by combining management with a liberal arts education. IE Business School and Brown University have combined to offer a 15-month-long program that includes face-to-face classroom time as well as online learning. The degree includes a marriage of leadership development within the context of understanding how the world is shaped by business and leadership style.

IE Business school was founded in 1973 and has consistently ranked among the best business schools in the world. It is a school with a deep tradition in producing innovative and entrepreneurial-minded graduates. The school prepares business leaders by practice-oriented training and an incorporation of humanities in business education.

Brown University, located in Providence, Rhode Island, is a member of the  American “Ivy League.” Its superlative programs in undergraduate, graduate, and medical education are characterized by a distinctive academic philosophy, a world-class faculty, and a tradition of innovative and rigorous multidisciplinary study. Brown University’s mission is to educate students to better serve the community, nation, and the world.

The program is designed to give managers with extensive experience tools and concepts infused with a human science perspective to develop global business leadership skills. It includes six and a half weeks of face-to-face education which are broken down into five sessions at IE Business School in Madrid, Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and Cape Town, South Africa.

Students participating in the program should expect to gain education and experience on how to be entrepreneurially-minded, globally aware and inquisitive, morally grounded, authentic, and flexible.