What Does Business On Purpose Mean?

Jeffrey R Brown, Dean, Gies College of Business

Purpose is central to our beliefs and defines the decisions we make – what we say yes to, and what we say no to.

Business on Purpose is the essence of who we are.  It is our promise to be the leader in a business education that aligns our graduates with their higher-order purpose.

It means we do more than just give our students a great business education to find a career. We intentionally provide an environment and the resources that foster meaningful actions to empower students to follow their path and put their purpose into practice – to make the world a better place. Gies graduates will be prepared to join the most respected and emulated businesses and organizations, for whom a clear sense of purpose is fundamental to success.

We are one of many great business schools where you can get an outstanding education. At Gies, though, we offer so much more. We are intentionally designing experiences to help you maximize your time in our College and prepare you to successfully enter the world ahead.

We deliver Business on Purpose in a number of ways. We’re designing an innovative curriculum that incorporates the latest technologies and teaches the most in-demand skills. We’re also intentional about helping you find solid moral ground through Business 101 and building upon that as you progress through your college education. Business on Purpose means prioritizing experiential learning to help you think differently about business and gain real experience solving complex business problems.

We also believe in encouraging a culture of disruption. It’s an unstoppable force that’s changing the business world in unprecedented ways, and we’re developing unique and impactful techniques to help our students recognize and leverage those disruptive forces in a positive way. In addition to teaching disruption, we’re also living it inside our College. We are redesigning our master’s programs and building out innovative new graduate programs, such as our iMBA and iMSA, all of which are disrupting the old business education model.

At Gies Business, education is just the start. Here you have the opportunity to get the business education you want as well as the most impactful experiences that will prepare you to become a purposeful business leader. We are committed to providing life-changing access to a world-class business education and continuing our path to becoming the best and most innovative College of Business on earth.

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