Oracle Tech’s Journey To An iMBA

Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle & iMBA student, Fuad Arshad

Describe your journey to your online degree:

I was trying to make sense of where to take my career. As a technologist, I wanted to broaden my horizons, and the Gies College of Business online MBA checked all the right boxes in terms of technology and faculty. I haven’t yet graduated, and this degree has already paid off. I accepted a better position with a mix of technology and leadership that has allowed me to branch out of my traditional tech comfort zone.

What was the online learning experience like?

The Gies iMBA program doesn’t feel any different than an in-class one and has the same rigor. Time zones make team assignments a challenge at first, but once we develop a working relationship, the group becomes a blessing. We stay connected, even after the assignments are done.

How would you describe the online learning community?

I love seeing people asking questions and then figuring out how to learn together. Connecting and helping people gave me the confidence to apply for the Student Council and be a Student Ambassador and program mentor.

How did you balance work and study?

I have had a very positive experience from work while pursuing the iMBA. I’ve applied what I’ve learned in marketing management, and my newfound understanding of managerial accounting regularly leads to customer conversations about internal ROI components.

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