Cornell’s New Dual-Degree Healthcare Option

Mark Nelson, the newly installed dean of Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management

Mark Nelson, the newly installed dean of Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management

Johnson will have 20,000 square feet of space in the Bridge Building on Roosevelt Island, including two tiered classrooms, offices and meeting space. The campus also will include apartments for faculty, staff and students, and there will be an executive conference center within another two years, says Nelson.

While the first year intake is expected to number about 45 students, Cornell is hoping to enroll a class of 75 each year once the program goes to a steady state. Cornell’s traditional EMBA program in metro New York has a 70-person cohort, while its EMBA Americas program, a teleconferced-collaboration with Canada’s Queens University, takes in about 160 per year across all its locations.


Mannix believes the new dual-degree program will appeal to a wide variety of professionals who are already into healthcare. “The first thing that comes to mind is a physican who wants to move into a leadership role at a large health system or hospital,” she says. “Other pathways might be someone who is interested in running their own practice, or taking a leadership role in a pharma company or in healthcare innovation. Or it could be someone who wants to accelerate their career in healthcare consulting, or people who are in the medical and surgical device manufacturing realm.”

The school expects a good number of professionals to be career switchers which is why it plans to offer a strong career service function with one-on-one executive coaching. The program will begin accepting applications in October for fall of 2017.

Cornell said that applicants will be evaluated on their academic record, communication and leadership skills, management experience, career progression, health care area of expertise, experience in research or evaluation, and ethical values in health care. Strong candidates for the program should be able to clearly articulate their career goals, add a unique perspective to the classroom environment, be willing and able to work effectively in teams and show a demonstrated ability to master quantitative material.

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