The Best Online MBA Programs In The U.S.

The Top Online MBA Programs In The U.S. For 2014


Online Rank & SchoolP&Q RankTotal CostTime To DegreeBlended Component
  1. Carnegie Mellon16$118,08032 months15 “Access Weekends”
  2. UNC18$96,77518 to 36 monthsQuarterly 3-day immersions
  3. Indiana (Kelley)20$61,20024 to 60 months2 weeks on-campus
  4. Maryland (Smith)33$79,97421 months2 3-day residencies
  5. Penn State33$59,31224 months2 week-long residencies
  6. Arizona State42$62,00023 months3-day orientation
  7. Florida (Hough)48$48,000/$55,00016 or 27 monthsSeveral weekend residencies
  8. Geo. Washington50$77,70036 monthsNone
  9. Babson (Olin)53$78,43221 months3-day sessions every 7 weeks
10. Missouri (Trulaske)55$73,00021 months8 weekends, 10-day global
11. Northeastern56$71,65024 to 27 monthsOptional residencies
12. Arizona (Eller)58$45,00014 monthsNone
13. Temple (Fox)62$62,20820 monthsWeek-long residency
14. Thunderbird65$69,80019 months2 week-long global residencies
15. Syracuse (Whitman)72$70,00024 months3 3-day residencies
16. Texas-Dallas74$42,24024 to 36 monthsNone
17. NC-State (Jenkins)78$37,167 (in-state)$74,33421 months to 6 years3-day residency, optional global residency
18. U-Mass (Isenberg)79$32,175NANone/Blended option available
19. Pepperdine83NA24 to 84 monthsA weekend residency
20. Auburn89$27,90027 months to six years3-day residency at end

Source: School websites and interviews

  • Unless I just missed something, the PDF file I downloaded only shows about the top 10-20 online degree programs. Am I going to have to go to USNews &World Reports to get a “full” 169 programs list?

  • slowtalk

    It will be interesting to see how University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s iMBA program will fare in these online rankings in the coming years. Not only is it aiming to be cheaper than Auburn’s (US$20K all-in), but is hoping to piggyback off the bricks and mortar MBA top 50 rank (in accounting).

  • DMD

    Trying to maximize my VA benefits… is the best state school on this list UNC a good choice compared to say Kellogg