Our 2014 Ranking Of The Best EMBA Programs

2014 Rank & SchoolIndex2013 Rank2012 RankBWU.S.FTEconomist
  1. Chicago (Booth)100.0222299
  2. UPenn (Wharton)97.811417NR
  3. Northwestern (Kellogg)96.63313248
  4. IE Business School94.214147NR152
  5. Duke (Fuqua)93.612101448NR
  6. IESE93.0242411NR125
  7. Columbia91.344653019
  8. UCLA (Anderson)89.566584213
  9. USC (Marshall)89.21011811NRNR
10. UNC (Kenan-Flagler)88.31113129NRNR
11. IMD87.0322919NR1910
12. Michigan (Ross)86.3771074024
13. INSEAD85.7232316NR11NR
14. Oxford (Said)84.6343028NR234
15. Notre Dame (Mendoza)84.3262515NRNR15
16. New York (Stern)82.8.35521634NR
17. Cornell (Johnson)80.98829133725
18. Texas (McCombs)80.09925135617
19. SMU (Cox)79.118193167718
20. Washington (Olin)78.013153112631
20. Maryland (Smith)78.0171817NRNR26
22. London73.8292732NR20NR
23. Emory (Goizueta)73.3151722174951
24. Ohio State (Fisher)72.016219NR5037
25. City (Cass)71.3NRNRNRNR3523

Source: Poets&QuantsforExecs composite ranking for 2014

Notes: The P&Q ranking equally weights the latest rankings by the Financial Times (2013), U.S. News & World Report (2014), BusinessWeek (2013), and The Economist (2013). Three of these four rankings are global, mixing U.S. and non-U.S. schools. Only the U.S. News’ ranking is based solely on U.S. programs. Only EMBA programs that won recognition from at least two of the four ranking systems are included in our ranking. That eliminates programs that are more likely to get on a single list as a result of an anomaly or of flawed methodology, though in a minority of cases some schools can choose not to participate in a ranking. NR — Not rated.

Methodology: The guidelines different organizations use to compile their rankings can affect which schools and programs get on their lists. The Financial Times, for example, will not include any program that has fewer than five graduating classes. That seems like a smart rule because a program that has been in existence for less than five years shouldn’t be ranked as one of the best in the world.

BusinessWeek, meanwhile, excludes all partnership programs on the basis that comparing a one-school program with another that has multiple partners is like comparing apples and oranges. While that keeps some very good programs, such as NYU/London School of Economics/HEC Paris’ TRIUM program off their list, the biggest concern over such partnerships is quality control.

Such guidelines obviously put both newer and partnership programs at a disadvantage not only in those rankings, but in this composite ranking as well. For that reason, we have published a separate ranking for joint EMBA programs.


(See the following page for our table of the top EMBA Programs of 2014 Ranked From 26 to 48)

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