Wharton Tops Our 2012 Ranking of EMBA Programs

2012 Rank & SchoolIndex2011 RankBWU.S.FTWSJ
27. London Business School London, U.K.43.3NR25NR10NR
28. Rutgers University New Brunswick & Newark, NJ41.3232TNR7021
29. IMD Lausanne, Switzerland40.9NR28NR16NR
30. Oxford (Said) Oxford, U.K.38.0NR26NR29NR
31. Georgetown (McDonough) Washington, DC37.01724NR35NR
32. Cornell (Johnson)/Queens Ithaca, NY & Kingston, Canada36.330NRNR4418
33. Chinese University of Hong Kong  Hong Kong34.8NR2TNR14NR
33. Illinois Urbana-Champaign, IL34.8392TNRNR14
35. Western Ontario London, Ontario, Canada34.22734NR88NR
36. Boston University  Boston, MA33.3162TNRNR20
37. Pittsburgh (Katz) Pittsburgh, PA27.7312TNR41NR
38. Georgia (Terry) Athens, GA27.5NR22NR75NR
39. Villanova School of Business Villanova, PA25.1NR2TNR51NR
40. University of Washington (Foster) Seattle, WA25.042NR2383NR
40. Temple (Fox) Philadelphia, PA25.0502TNR52NR
42. Fordham New York, NY24.92739NR67NR
43. Texas A&M (Mays) College Station, TX24.5352TNR54NR
44. Queen’s School of Business Kingston, Canada23.33329NR84NR
45. Texas-Dallas Dallas, TX23.13238NR76NR
46. Georgia Tech Atlanta, GA22.9NR2TNR60NR
47. Florida (Hough) Gainesville, FL21.6NR2TNR65NR
48. Utah (Eccles) Salt Lake City, UT21.2NR33NR88NR
48. Pepperdine (Graziadio) Malibu, CA21.24331NR90NR
50. Baylor (Hankamer) Waco, TX19.9NR37NR89NR
51. Tulane (Freeman) New Orleans, LA19.6372TNR74NR
52. Michigan State (Broad) East Lansing, MI17.6NR35NR100NR
53. Rochester (Simon) Rochester, NY15.4NR2TNR90NR
54. Miami Coral Gables, FL14.4NR2TNR94NR
55. Denver Denver, CO13.3NR2TNR99NR

Notes: The P&Q ranking equally weights the latest rankings by BusinessWeek (2011 ranking), The Wall Street Journal (2010), The Financial Times (2011), and U.S. News & World Report (2011). Three of these four rankings are global, mixing U.S. and non-U.S. schools. Only U.S. News’ ranking is based solely on U.S. programs. Only EMBA programs that won recognition from at least two of the four ranking systems are included in our ranking. That eliminates programs that are more likely to get on a single list as a result an anolmaly of flawed methodology. Some 55 EMBA programs met this criteria which is why we expanded the list beyond 50. NR — Not rated. ST — Second tier rank.

Methodology: The guidelines different organizations use to compile their rankings can affect which schools and programs get on their lists. The Financial Times, for example, will not include any program that has fewer than five graduating classes. That seems like a smart rule because a program that has been in existence for less than five years shouldn’t be ranked as one of the best in the world.

BusinessWeek, meanwhile, excludes all partnership programs on the basis that comparing a one school program with another that has multiple partners is like comparing apples and oranges. While that keeps some very good programs, such as Berkeley/Columbia’s EMBA and NYU/London School of Economics/HEC Paris’ TRIUM program, off the BW list, the biggest concern over such partnerships is quality control.

Such guidelines obviously put both newer and partnership programs at a disadvantage not only in those rankings but in this composite ranking as well. If the Berkeley and Columbia program were rated by BusinessWeek, for example, it would undoubtedly be ranked significantly higher than 16th on our list.

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John A. Byrne is the founder and editor-in-chief of C-Change Media, publishers of Poets&Quants and four other higher education websites. He has authored or co-authored more than ten books, including two New York Times bestsellers. John is the former executive editor of Businessweek, editor-in-chief of Businessweek. com, editor-in-chief of Fast Company, and the creator of the first regularly published rankings of business schools. As the co-founder of CentreCourt MBA Festivals, he hopes to meet you at the next MBA event in-person or online.