UCLA Anderson School of Management

Application Fee: $200
2012 Tuition & Fees: $113,661, up from $108,240 in 2011
Average Months of Work Experience: 163
GMAT Required: Yes
Average GMAT Score: 618
GMAT Range (mid-80%): 610-720
Acceptance Rate: 67%

Enrollment: 246
International: 8%
Female: 26%
African-American: 5%
Asian: 17%
Hispanic/Latino: 7%
Mean Age: 36

Classes Meet: Alternate weekends with occasional week-long sessions
Length of Program: 2 years

Students From These Sectors:

  • Consulting: 9 %
  • Consumer Products: 3 %
  • Financial Services: 6 %
  • Government: 8%
  • Manufacturing: 5%
  • Media/Entertainment: 10%
  • Non-Profit: 3%
  • Petroleum/Energy: 0%
  • Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology/Health Care: 15%
  • Real Estate: 4%
  • Technology: 11%
  • Other: 26%


  • HTC

    Sounds like a very unique program, very exclusive. I was wondering if any of you can tell me how long this program is already running? and what are other alternative for such program in the area or even in the country?

  • wanted to know as well about other and maybe cheaper alternative in the north east?

  • John A. Byrne


    You should also check out USC’s EMBA program as well as Pepperdine’s program. Another interesting development is that the University of Michigan has recently announced that it will start an EMBA program in the Los Angeles area and that could be a very good option as well.

  • Hi HTC,

    For your reference, Cornell University has extended our Cornell-Queen’s Executive MBA program to the Los Angeles area. We are now recruiting our third class in that area and the location for our Saturday classes is El Segundo near LAX.

    • John A. Byrne


      Thanks for weighing in with that info. Very helpful.

  • Dan Sandweiss

    The photo you describe as the Anderson School is way out of date. When I started at the school in 1995, they had just moved into a new complex on campus. Your photo has to be prior to that date. You might want to post the photo at http://www.anderson.ucla.edu/documents/areas/adm/web/ss_ct4.html